Fulton County Express

JOHNSTOWN – The Town of Johnstown will see three residents vying for two town board positions early next month as Daryl Baldwin and Beth Schloicka’s terms are up.
Baldwin is running for another term, while Schloicka will not be seeking re-election. Also on the ballot will be residents Tim Rizzo and John Zawadski.
Baldwin, running on the Republican line, said one big issue that the town needs to address is improving how the board works, which he believes will be addressed when the supervisor election between Jim Westover and Jack Wilson is decided.
“It will be nice to look over the shoulders of a leader, rather than [dealing with] the drama that’s been taking place for the last four years,” he said. “And everything that’s been left undone will have to be revisited. Things made it on the agenda once and were never revisited in most cases, unfinished.”
Baldwin also said he hopes having a new supervisor and at least one new board member will allow the board members to vote and not hold personal vendettas if their motion isn’t passed or a motion they vote against is passed.
Baldwin said Fulton County’s Smart Water project has taken care of the annexation issue that has plagued the town recently.
The county’s Smart Waters project involves implementing a regional water and wastewater system using existing excess water and sewer capacity available in various municipalities. This is part of the county’s plan to expand water and sewer services outside of the cities to benefit development of the region.
This will mean that the town will no longer have to share its sales tax revenue with the cities in order to get water and sewer systems to potential businesses.
Baldwin believes his time as councilman has gone well and said he will continue to be the same councilman that he has been moving forward.
“I’m the most available candidate in the county by e-mail, phone, 24/7,” he said. “I answer the phone immediately wherever I am. I’m [always] asking for facts. I do my research first.”
Zawadski also said that he is running for town council, because the chemistry between the current members isn’t good.
Zawadski, running on the Democratic line, is a scientist and said he believes his experience can bring a unique way of thinking to the town’s issues.
“Problem solving is what I do as a scientist, and I think that the chemistry on the board needs to be changed,” he said. “Why not have someone on the board who can think is sort of a different way? Not coming from a government background, I sort approach things a little differently. I’ll have some fresh ideas.”
Zawadski said he knows most of the board members, albeit not very well. However, he said he believes he will be able to work well to all the members on the board.
He said he also has the town’s interest at heart. He doesn’t have any ties to town businesses or own any additional property in the town aside from his home.
Zawadski said economic development is a major issue in the town that he would like to see addressed.
“I think that poses a problem, because I believe that our growth is tied in many ways to the growth of the cities of Gloversville and Johnstown,” he said. “We’re land rich, and they have the services, except for the certain areas where they may be awaiting water near the town. So that’s an issue, economic growth that considers Gloversville and Johnstown as well.
“We need to find new ways to work with them. That’s a major challenge.”
Zawadski said there are some smaller issues as well, including the town board being more open when inseminating information about what it’s doing on behalf of its residents.
He would also like to meet periodically with town residents to discuss the matters of concern. He said making meetings’ minutes available online to all residents would be a big improvement, as many residents are unable to make it to meetings.
Rizzo was unavailable for comments. He is also running as a Republican.
Residents will vote for two of the three candidates Nov. 3.
The town will also feature two other elections.
Incumbent Town Clerk Nancy Hart will be running unopposed in the November election after defeating her primary challenger Helen Frederick. Hart will appear on the Republican and Conservative lines in the fall election.
Incumbent Highway Superintendent Theodore Bradt will be running unopposed on the Republican line in November.