Fulton County Express

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a $244,089 performance contract to replace the heating boiler and domestic hot water system at the county jail.
According to the resolution, the county entered into a contract with SmartWatt Energy, Inc. in 2014 for energy conservation projects at county facilities.
In late 2014, one of the two boilers heating the Correctional Facility was shut down due to a corroded heat exchanger and an atmospheric boiler that provides domestic hot water also broke down.
The resolution states for the “sake of efficiency and economy” it was recommended the county replaces all heating boilers and domestic hot water atmospheric boilers at the Fulton County Correctional Facility with a comprehensive new system.
The $244,089 expense will cover the removal of the previous equipment and boilers as well as installation and construction costs. Additionally, the resolution said, the expense which originally totaled $268,089 was also reduced due to a National Grid utility incentive valued at $24,000.
In other meeting business, the board approved the design for a roof replacement at the county jail but also authorized a contract amendment to delay the start of the Department of Social Services’ roof-replacement project.
The board approved a $9,600 contract with AnD Architecture & Design to perform engineering services as part of the roof project at the correctional facility.
In 2014, the board awarded the bid to Correll Contracting to replace the roof at the Department of Social Services Cooper Building but they were unable to complete the project by Oct. 31, as specified in the specifications and requested postponement until a new start date of March 30, 2015.
The resolution states Correll has agreed to make any necessary roof repairs on the Cooper Building during the 2014-15 winter season.
The board also approved expanding the availability of direct deposit to all county employees.
The county previously offered the option to CSEA General Unit, Police Benevolent Association, Sheriff’s Alliance and non-union employees through any bank located in the county.
The resolution said the personnel and treasurer office’s have received request from per diem employees to also participate in direct deposit. It states the change will reduce administrative time and be more economical for county departments.