Express Editor

All eyes are on November as a surprising Primary leads to an exciting General Election race.

Area residents voted in eight primaries on Tuesday, Sept. 12, setting the stage for an intense race to the finish line. Newcomer Republican candidate William A. Rowback Jr. officially won the nomination for Gloversville mayor against sitting Mayor Dayton J. King.

According to official certified election results posted on, as of Wednesday, Sept. 20, with 100 percent of districts reporting and absentee ballots counted, Rowback earned 52.61 percent of the vote (524-472) and King 47.39 percent.

According to Rowback, getting out in the community and communicating his platform is what led to the unofficial nomination.

“I’m confident that the residents of Gloversville believe in me,” Rowback said.

Rowback and King will face off again for the seat on Nov. 7 General Election Day as King is also running on the Conservative Party line.

“I run marathons very competitively and right now I’m at the 13.1 mile marker,” Rowback said. “The first 13.1 is hard to accomplish, but the next 13.1 is the true test of an athlete. That’s going to be my true test as a Republican candidate to be able to go through the adversities and get myself to Nov. 7. Hopefully when we get those results they will announce that William A. Rowback Jr. is the new mayor of the city of Gloversville.”

King said he doesn’t see the results of the nomination changing, and is instead focusing on preparing his campaign team for the road ahead to the Nov. 7 General Election.

“Mr. Rowback will be on the Republican line and I will be on the Conservative line. We also go to court soon for my Independent petitions, which were challenged,” King said. “It’s an indicator of who voted on that day, but I think I’ve got a ton of support citywide and I’m proud of myself for being the mayor for all of the people — I’m confident that we’re going to win in November.”

Other voting results include:

Broadalbin: Conservative candidate Margaret M. Boltash earned 58.33 percent of the vote (7-5) against Joseph McDonald for assessor.

Caroga: Republican candidate John L. Glenn earned 36.36 percent of the vote (116-111-92) against James M. Long, 34.8 percent, and Francesco Malagisi Jr., 28.84 percent, for councilman.

Mayfield: Republican candidate Nancy Parker earned 66.38 percent of the vote (152-77) against Cindy Y. Ostrander for town clerk.

Northampton: Republican candidate Ken Cramer earned 69.21 percent of the vote (254-113) against Douglas W. Ellsworth for highway superintendent; and Republican candidate Robin Wilson earned 66.02 percent of the vote (237-122) against Linda Kemper for tax collector.

Oppenheim: Republican candidate Dennis J. Yost earned 37.05 percent of the vote (83-74-67) against Kathleen E. Montana, 33.04 percent, and Floyd J. Peets Jr., 29.91 percent, for councilman; and Republican candidate Scott P. DeNinno earned 66.96 percent of the vote (77-38) against incumbent Highway Superintendent Richard L. Crum.