By Dusten Rader
Fulton County Express
GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education presented the instructional and general fund portions of its 2017-18 proposed budget during its March 27 meeting.
The presentation was given by Assistant Superintendent Steven Schloicka and Superintendent Michael Vanyo.
The proposed general fund budget stands at $61,757,351, which is an increase of $906,116, or 1.49 percent. The general fund includes both the instructional and non-instructional portions of the budget.
“I think the money is has been spent in a good place,” Schloicka said.
According to Schloicka, the instructional budget includes curriculum, salaries, special education, library, social workers and interscholastic athletics. The proposal is set at $29,952,644, which is an increase of $313,982, or 1.06 percent.
Schloicka indicated that a pie graph contained in the presentation illustrates what the school does — teach children.
“You’ll notice that basically 87 percent is teaching regular school and our special education population,” Schloicka. “It makes sense — that’s what we do, we teach children — so it should be 87 percent.”
The non-instructional budget was presented during the March 13 board meeting. It includes items such as central administration, finance, overtime, special items, transportation. The proposal is set at $31,804,707, which is an increase of $592,134, or 1.9 percent.
The revenue portion of the budget is in limbo until the state passes its budget. Vanyo said he expects to see a “slight increase” in state aid.
“In order to make this budget work on the expense side we had to cut $1.4 million out,” Vanyo said.
According to Vanyo the cuts were accomplished by reducing five teaching positions at the elementary level, one administrator, five custodians, two clerical positions and nurse, totaling $855,923. Other staff reductions include: two behavioral specialists, one secondary social studies, one secondary ELA, and not filling a secondary math, totaling $279,490.
To reach the total of $1,484,317, other cuts totaling $348,904 include: one large bus, communications services contracted through Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES from three days down to two, a grant writing service, five slots in alternative education, five slots in career and tech, and three students less for AgP-TECH or P-TECH.
“That gets us to the 1.49 percent, and what we can do with our tax cap is 1.52 percent,” Vanyo said. “That gives us very a little window to work with meaning we can increase the tax levy by about $214,000.”
Vanyo added that he hopes for more state aid, otherwise the budget will have to be revisited. Even if more aid comes, he is going to recommend that the positions cut not be restored.