Dusten Rader/Express staff
From left, the owner of The Randy Shop, Randy Rose, stands outside the 15 Bleecker St. store in Gloversville with Tyrell Adams of Gloversville. Rose donated the bike and a lock to Adams after his bike was stolen from outside the public library.

Fulton County Express

GLOVERSVILLE — Tyrell Adams’ independence depends on something most take for granted — riding a bike.
A Gloversville resident, Adams’ only means of getting around town is by bicycle. One of his favorite places to go on a ride to is the Gloversville Public Library, which is currently at a temporary location of 34 W. Fulton St. On June 12, Adams parked his bike up outside the library only to discover that during the hour he was inside someone had cut the lock and stolen it.
“It was nowhere to be seen,” Adams said.
Adams then went to the Gloversville Police Department to make a report, but also decided to take matters into his own hands. He made some posts to Facebook about what happened. Adams’ sister, Jasmine, also made a post to Fulton-Montgomery Virtual Garage Sale about how her special-needs brother had worked hard to save up money to buy the bicycle only to have it stolen.
They hoped that the posts would lead to information that would either result in the return of the bike, or to the thief. But, what they got was completely unexpected, said Adams.
“After the posts were put on Facebook, a few people were willing to start a donation/fundraiser to help me get a new bike,” Adams said. “But, then this guy named Randy Rose that owns a shop called The Randy Shop at 15 Bleecker St. in Gloversville went way up and beyond by donating to me a very nice bike from his shop — I love my new bike.”
Not only did Rose donate a newer, faster refurbished bike, but he also went to WalMart and bought the most heavy duty lock available.
“It’s great,” Adams said. “Randy didn’t have to do any of that, but he did and i very much so appreciated it. I’ve never had anyone do anything like that for me in my life before. This goes to show that even though there are very cruel people in Gloversville, there are also really nice people like Randy.”
According to Rose, he tries to give back to the community as much as possible because he came from nothing so he worked for what he had and there were also a lot of people who helped him along the way. When he saw Jasmine’s post, he was touched that she wasn’t asking for a handout and he related to the story because he also has a special-needs brother.
“He was heartbroken because it was all he had and he saved his own money for it,” Rose said. “So, I found a bike similar to what he had and had one of my employees Thomas clean it up for him. Then I made a Facebook video of buying him the biggest, baddest bike lock I could find — you’re not getting through it.”
Rose said his motivation is simply that he likes to help people, and he doesn’t want any recognition for it.
“I’m hoping these articles show people how much it made his day and changed his life to do one selfless act,” Rose said.