Fulton County Express

GLOVERSVILLE – City voters made their voices heard on Tuesday night as some wards decided to keep the incumbent representative in their post while others elected new officials.
The voters within the city’s 1st Ward decided against re-electing incumbent Councilwoman Robin Wentworth by casting their ballots in favor of her challenger Marcia Weiss.
According to the Fulton County Board of Elections, Weiss was the unofficial winner on election night with 176 votes, while Wentworth obtained 124 votes and fellow challenger Robert Castiglione received 13 votes.
“I need to really let this all absorb because I’m excited, surprised and very grateful to all of the people that voted for me,” Weiss said from her home on election night. “Now we have to get to work and there are a lot of things that need to get done.”
Weiss previously said her primary goal on the council will be to address the blighted homes and buildings within the community. Weiss also said she would like to encourage Albany to supply the city with more state assistance because the city has long gone underfunded when compared to similar size municipalities.
Wentworth has been on the council since 2008 and despite the loss she said she was happy with what she has already accomplished for the city.
“It’s been an honor serving the residents of Ward 1 for the last eight years,” Wentworth said. “We’ve accomplished a lot over this time and we’ve left the city in certainly a better position than it was when I took office. I congratulate Marcia Weiss on her win and I hope they continue to do great things for the city.”
Residents living in the city’s 3rd Ward elected former City Court Judge Vincnt DeSantis as the new council member to represents them on Election Day.
The 3rd council position featured a three-way election between DeSantis, Mustard’s Last Stand owner Benjamin Robb and city resident John Schermerhorn. Incumbent 3rd Ward Councilman Stephen Mahoney did not file to seek re-election.
According to the unofficial results, DeSantis took 282 votes within the ward while Robb and Schermerhorn obtained 59 and 17 votes respectively.
DeSantis was thrilled on election night and said he is looking forward to expanding on the revitalization efforts he has been working on as a city resident over the last 30 years.
Whether it was providing input within the recently developed comprehensive plan or helping plant vegetables at the community garden, DeSantis said he has been steadily working to help Gloversville improve.
“I always felt I was nibbling at the edges of revitalization,” DeSantis said. “I was doing this because I could see the potential but I realized you can’t really change things unless you get involved in city government.”
He said going forward he will help other city officials help “change the perspective” and create an environment that encourages private investment.
“I’m looking for the things that will improve the neighborhood and the things that will reduce blight,” DeSantis said. “I think there is a lot that can be done and I’m excited about it.”
Fourth Ward Councilwoman Ellen Anadio was leading her challenger Steven Smith by 38 votes on election night to receive another term on the Common Council.
According to the unofficial results, the two-way race ended on election night with Anadio receiving 189 votes while Smith received 151 votes.
Anadio said she will continue to help the city move forward and she is currently working on several projects that will be completed in the near future. She said some of that work includes changing the zoning to bring the ideas that were identified within the comprehensive plan forward and working with the police chief to change parking issues in various parts of the city.
The city’s 2nd Ward re-elected incumbent Republican Councilman Arthur Simonds over his challenger Lawrence Cross, who appeared on the independent Citizen Benefit line.
According to the unofficial results, Simonds received 103 votes on Tuesday while Cross tallied 37 votes from ward residents.
Both 5th Ward Councilman Jay Zarrelli and 6th Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski were re-elected after running unopposed.
The voters of the city’s 5th Ward re-elected incumbent Supervisor Gregory Young over challenger Michael Ponticello. According to the unofficial results on Tuesday, Young received 209 votes while Ponticello garnered 81 votes.