Fulton County Express

GLOVERSVILLE – The Gloversville Public Library’s capital campaign received a $150,000 contribution from the state this week to improve both access and security at the library.
State Sen. Hugh T. Farley announced on Monday that eight libraries in the 49th Senatorial District were recently awarded public library construction funds that will allow them to improve their facilities.
The Gloversville Public Library was awarded $150,356 for its elevator project to increase access for patrons with disabilities and the funding was also allocated towards outdoor security cameras for increased safety.
“As the Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Libraries, I am pleased to see these State funds assisting our local libraries in improving the buildings that house vital information and allow organizations to keep up with the demands of their users,” Farley said.
Farley noted the construction grants are part of an extremely competitive process and are funded through construction moneys which are appropriated annually in the state budget.
Library Director Barbara Madonna said since September 2013 the library has raised over $2.5 million that was either donated or pledged and it is still working to generate the additional money needed for the $7 million capital project.
She said the goal is to raise $4 million from donations and obtain $3 million from various state and federal grants as well as tax credits.
Madonna said the library applied for the recently awarded grant last year and it has since applied for additional funding next year to replace the library’s antiquated heating system.
She said the library has priced the elevator equipment at approximately $80,000 but she said the bulk of the expense will actually come from the alterations of the existing building rather than the elevator itself.
“The building around it is going to be the most expensive piece,” she said. “The money from the state will be one more piece added to our fundraising puzzle. It is everything we applied for and I’m very happy to add this money to the fundraising goal.”
The first significant renovation project of the campaign – the installation of 14 energy-efficient, historically accurate windows was completed last year was accomplish using the same grant previously awarded to the local library.
Some of major renovation work scheduled to take place next year includes an energy efficient furnace, air conditioning, and an elevator that will improve handicap access and allow the library to utilize the space on all four levels.
She said due to the large amount of work the library would need to temporarily relocate its services while the construction is being completed.
Madonna said the renovation project has a target date to begin construction in the summer of 2016 and the renovation is scheduled to take about 18 months.