Fulton County Express

GLOVERSVILLE – Following a career that has spanned over three decades and helped numerous families the longtime director of the Gloversville Housing Authority will retire this summer.
Sitting behind the desk in his corner office of the Gloversville Housing Authority, Daniel Towne spoke about his career, decision to retire and the future of the public housing organization.
The 63-year-old said he informed the Board of Commissioners in February that he has decided he will retire in July.
Towne said he has enjoyed his career with the housing authority since he took the position in 1984, when he replaced John DeWitt. However, he said with his wife already enjoying retirement and his son recently married he decided he wanted to spend the remainder of his time with his family.
“I’ve been here 31 years and I thought it was time to make a change,” Towne said about his decision. “I feel good. I’ve had a wonderful career here and I just want to spend some time with my wife.”
He said he is proud of the job he has done as the head of the housing authority but he deferred the credit to the many employees and board members that have dedicated their time to helping the community.
“The governing body of the housing authority is a volunteer board and they have been outstanding my entire career,” Towne said. “It has taken a tremendous amount of dedication on their part.”
Board of Commissioners Chairman Tony Ferraro said he and Towne have worked together nearly their entire career because he was appointed to the board one year prior to Towne being hired.
“Our fiscal responsibility over the past several years has been due to Dan,” he said. “He has helped make us a success. We’ve been together 31 years and I’m very proud to say I worked alongside him.”
Towne said he believes the housing authority is in a good position to continue to do great things for the community after he leaves in about three months. He said the board is looking to hire his replacement around May, so the new director can shadow him and become familiar with the demands of the position.
“The housing authority is on solid ground,” Towne said. “I’m going to be leaving it in good hands.”
Ferraro said the authority has posted the position locally because they would like to hire someone that is familiar with the area and know the challenges it is facing.
“We have become a community within a community,” he said. “We are not reaching out to other areas, we are looking for people that know this area and know our people.”