Fulton County Express

The Great Sacandaga Lake serves more than just Fulton County, and now that will be reflected in the lake’s map.
Three years after its last update, the lake’s map will feature businesses from both Fulton and Saratoga Counties.
Gina DaBiere-Gibbs, tourism director of the Fulton-Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the new featured locations from the Edinburg and Hadley areas that weren’t previously included.
Fulton county’s portion of the map was also updated, she said.
“There might have been some new businesses that hadn’t been in the previous version, because we do it every couple of years,” DaBiere-Gibbs said. “Things open and close. We put out a press release to update for it – verifying contact information and stuff like that.”
She said the expansion let them share Fulton County’s portion with more people, and that will hopefully help bring more people to the businesses on the lake.
She said the map serves as a promotional piece that knows what’s around the lake when people do come to visit.
The new map includes 164 locations broken up into 13 categories.
“It gets us into more Saratoga spots, so more people are coming this way too,” DaBiere-Gibbs said. “It allows for an extra distribution that we weren’t necessarily getting into before, because it’s in their chamber now. It’s in their visitor centers.”
Randy Gardinier, president of the Great Sacandaga Lake Fisheries Federation, said he is also hopeful that this will help bring more attention to Fulton County’s locations.
With the several fishing competitions his organization hosts, Gardinier said they get a lot of questions regarding what else the lake has to offer in its surroundings.
“It was somewhat limited up [the Saratoga County] way, and I think some people kind of wanted to know more about that side,” he said. “So I think that’s why it’s been included, because of the questions. Overall, I think it will just show show people that there is more to the lake. It will show that it doesn’t just end [in Fulton County].”
Gardinier said he isn’t sure whether it will bring more people to Fulton County, but it shows the cooperation and that the lake does expand – looking beyond the boundries of the lake.
He said the Fulton-Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce does a great job with advertising what is in the county with its maps with its maps of the 44 lakes in the county and the rest of the county municipalities’ maps.
“There are a lot of publications that they put out, and I think that in itself brings a lot people to the area too,” he said. “A lot of times when people call us if they’re coming to a fishing tournament, they ask us, ‘Where can I stay?’ ‘Where are there places to eat’ Things like that. We see that even in the winter too, especially with the Walleye Challenge – A lot of people what to know about those amenities.
“So we put them onto the chamber. The chamber has a lot of different publications with the maps they put out. I think they’ve done a good job with this map expanding it a little bit.